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The recycling activity is a complex process and is carried out by qualified personnel with experience in the sector.

The regeneration activity is divided into 4 leaf treatment lines (grinding, washing, drying) and 5 extruders. 4 types of waste are used as raw material:

  • Black agricultural sheet;

  • Greenhouse agricultural sheet;

  • Hoses;

  • Post-consumer industrial packaging.

The product obtained is a granule made in a homogeneous way regenerated by LD-PE in compliance with the regulations


UNI 10667/2010.

The production process can be summarized as follows:


The material conferred by the collection centers, after a careful qualitative examination, is stored according to the type of polyethylene.

Il Responsabile assegna scorte di polietilene a ciascun turno, garantendo uniformità di colore, di spessore e percentuale di impurità.


The operators select and eliminate the foreign material before proceeding to feed the washing lines.


During this phase the polyethylene is significantly shredded to allow better management of the material during the following processes.

Our shredders are designed to feed the washing lines according to the type of input material.


The shredded leaf enters a prewash plant and is subsequently centrifuged and ground in the mills.


The leaf is sent to the washing tanks where there is a further separation from the residual foreign bodies.

IThe washing of the leaf takes place by means of water which is then conveyed to the purifier where, through a physical/ chemical/biological process, it is purified and made reusable on the washing plants.


After the washing phase the leaf has a high humidity and is dehydrated by pressing and drying.

Once dried, the leaf is conveyed by type into the extruders.


The granulation process takes place through the passage of the leaf in two extruders in line which guarantee double degassing and double filtration guaranteeing a constant and uniform quality of the material.



Once produced, the granule is subjected to judgment by the Quality Control to guarantee compliance with the UNI 10667/2010 standard.

The following analyzes are applied to the granule:

  • Visual check (impurity, color, homogeneity);

  • Filming test with blown extruder;

  • Density;

  • Melt Flow Index;

The laboratory is equipped with instruments to carry out self-monitoring on purified wastewater and on sludge derived from the purification process, the main analyzes include:

  • Temperature;

  • pH;

  • Turbidity;

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand;

  • Chlorides and Free Chlorine;

  • Nitrite and Nitrate;

  • Sedimentation.

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